Dear Lies,

Working with you was great. You helped make everything easier, especially for a bride that was too busy to make decisions. You made sure everything was handled, and we honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

Having our party at a venue that was do-it-yourself, there were so many things that we hadn’t thought of. Everything was taken care of and we didn’t have to worry about anything throughout the day.

Definitely worth it!

Best regards,

Rachael & Stijn

Opdracht bestond uit de begeleiding van dit prachtige huwelijkspaar tijdens de burgerlijke plechtigheid. Organisatie dansfeest voor avondgasten, inrichting feestlocatie.

Locatie: De Loods, Aarschot – Bloemen: De Lente in Aarschot – Catering: Charlepoeng

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